Interview: Antonio Candela from Cirque du Vulgar, ‘Imagine if the circus was only for grown-ups’

What is Cirque du Vulgar? Imagine if the Circus was only for adults… Cirque du Vulgar is a fast paced, hilarious night of raw, live entertainment. Featuring death defying stunts, their cheeky dancing Vulgarettes and comedy that will leave your belly aching with laughter- you won’t forget this night quickly. Antonio Candela, co-owner, producer and performer at Cirque du vulgar tells us what it’s like to be heading to Glastonbury Festival for another year.

Q&A from Antonio Candela

How does it feel to be back at Glastonbury Festival?

We are super excited to be back at the festival. The crowds loved us last year so it was a no-brainer to return.

What can you tell us about Cirque du Vulgar?

Imagine if the circus was only for grown-ups… Cirque du Vulgar is a night of risqué live entertainment, featuring stunning strip-tease routines, electrifying daredevil stunts and filthy comedy which will take you on a journey to another world. This brand new production blends modern circus acts with outrageous adult humour for an unforgettable experience.

What can festival-goers expect from the show?

Everything you have ever thought in your head but you knew it was too outrageous to express…well we do it for you, only with a twist of humour and phenomenal talent. We basically put Sam Smiths antics to shame.

What kind of opportunities does playing to a festival audience present?

It presents a lot of opportunities for younger talent and productions to get the exposure they need and deserve. I do feel the most important thing is for the public to see wonderful art form being respected as it should at such a wonderful venue

Will you be checking out any other acts during the festival?

Looking at the line up what’s not to check out? The cast will be spending some time in the big top checking out a majority of the talent.