Darran Griffiths on his stand-up special Inconceivable

Photo: Swiss Chocolate Pictures

Fresh from the success of his debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, three-time shortlisted British Comedian of the Year Darran Griffiths is set to film his first-ever stand-up special, ‘Inconceivable’, at London’s Pleasance Theatre next week.

In his debut stand-up hour ‘Inconceivable’ Darran shares his personal experience tackling infertility. Join him in his pursuit of becoming a dad, a better husband and (maybe) a better person, battling racial stereotypes, health, masculinity, and a soggy biscuit along the way. From reading to children out loud, to having to bring your own reading materials to give a very special deposit, Darran will take you on a journey experiencing everything from rugby banter, to the joys of fatherhood.

A comedian, host and podcaster born and raised in Harlow, to Jamaican parents, Darran has a blend of Caribbean confidence and Essex irreverence. We spoke with him about what it’s like to be preparing for the recording following his Edinburgh success last year.

Q&A with Darran Griffiths

How does it feel to be preparing to film your first stand-up special?

Feels good, definitely a lovely ego stroke to have that many people in a room just to see my show. But it will be absolute ego death if it doesn’t go well. But I’m 83% sure it will go well.

What can you tell us about Inconceivable?

It’s a very personal but relatable show about my struggle through infertility and IVF, to become a father. But it’s a feel-good show. I’m a father of two now. I hope people going through it find it hopeful. People who have been through it, find it cathartic. And people who haven’t been through it, find it insightful.

What was it like to perform the show at Edinburgh?

Long but fun. It was very humbling to have people take chance on me and the show and buy tickets. But it really felt amazing after the show when people would share their stories with me.

Have you made any tweaks for the special?

Yes I have, actually. Funnier anecdotes came to me after Edinburgh and we have more space to be creative with production.

You’ll also be appearing on Comedy Central Live and have appeared on BBC Three and Yanga TV – do you approach filmed performances differently?

I’m a very in the room comedian, and feel I can create a great atmosphere. So the challenge is transmitting that through the screen for someone watching later. But it’s challenge accepted.

Catch Darran’s stand-up special recording on 29th February at London’s Pleasance Theatre