MimeLondon 2024 – Full Festival Coverage

Ramesh Meyyappan in Last Rites. Photo: Camilla Adams

MimeLondon is a new curatorial project created by Helen Lannaghan and Joseph Seelig, the
directors of London International Mime Festival (LIMF), which ended in 2023 after five
decades of award-winning success.

For its first series in London, which runs from 12 Jan – 17 Feb 2024, the Barbican, the National Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and Shoreditch Town Hall will host 8 productions new to London, the work of four overseas groups, and four UKbased companies co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival in its final year. A series of workshops organised in association with the London Academy of Music &
Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and Shoreditch Town Hall will take place during the same period


We covered every single show at this year’s wonderful MimeLondon festival!

Revisit the full coverage below!

Ambergris – Barbican

Patrick Sims on Ambergris

“You’re working with characters and stories that everyone already knows, in order to say something a little bit different about them.”

Antechamber – Barbican

Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet on Antechamber

“A poetry moment… away from the rest of the world, away from your life. A sweet moment; intense but sweet”

Boy on the Roof – Shoreditch Town Hall

Rachael Savage on Boy on the Roof

“With ADHD diagnoses, they’re always flipping it and saying ‘this is a negative thing.'”

Entrañas (Insides) – Barbican

Izaskun Fernández and Julián Sáenz-López on Entrañas (Insides)

“As a theatre company, we have always given value to the small details of life, to ordinary stories or to things that may go unnoticed.”

Kin – National Theatre

Kin review – National Theatre, London

“There is a wealth of visual magic with glorious cinematic sequences and heart-wrenching drama”

Last Rites – Shoreditch Town Hall

Ramesh Meyyappan and George Mann on Last Rites

“I think there’s something interesting about tackling universal themes from a minority standpoint”

Also part of our Manipulate Festival coverage.

Tess – Sadler’s Wells

Charlotte Mooney on Ockham Razor’s Tess

“Tess has been adapted before for TV and film but it always struck us that Tess is often presented as an oddly passive and bloodless character, her physicality was often lost in translation.”

Also part of our Manipulate Festival coverage.

Review: Tess – Ockhams Razor

“In performing the work, the cast finds moments of magic in Johnston’s choreography and arresting imagery that stick with you.”

Also part of our Manipulate Festival coverage.

This & That – Barbican

Phil Soltanoff and Steven Wendt on This & That

“We’re making stuff with light and shadow to inspire wonder and delight in our audience”