Louise Gold on A Word for Mother at Upstairs at The Gatehouse

Puppeteer, singer, and star of screen and stage, Louise Gold, plays matriarch Pru in Tim McArthur’s exploration of family dynamics, A Word for Mother. Gold is best known for her West End career and performances in multiple Muppets’ productions.

This simmering family drama revolves around the intertwined history of four women, sisterly relationships, and motherly love as, reunited by their mother’s unexpected passing, the bond between three sisters begins to strain: emotions boil over and childhood lies are revealed.

We caught up with Gold to find out more about the production.

Q&A with Louise Gold

What can you tell us about A Word For Mother?

A Word For Mother by Tim McArthur is a beautiful play about family, loss, and secrets.

What was it that attracted you to the play and the role of Pru?

The play has such universal resonance. It is about a mother and her three daughters and deals with themes that anyone can recognise. Pru is trying so hard, like many women, to be the perfect mother. During the course of the play we find out how much of her past she has tried to overcome.

One of the things that drew me to the part of Pru is how she is deals with her family. She wants the best for her girls but in an attempt to protect them has hidden her past.. I have a wonderful 24 year old son and many of the issues are very familiar to me, as I’m sure they will be to most mothers! The idea of wanting to stop your children making the same mistakes as you have.

How have you approached playing the role?

I have used my own experience as a mother, my relationship with my own mother and also drawn on many women I know for source material.

How has the rehearsal process been so far?

The rehearsal period has been very short but intense. Although the play is about death and loss we have had a lot of laughs and I love working with an all female team. Sarah Redmond our director is so insightful and Abigail Moore, Heather Johnson and Melanie Pecorini who play my daughters are a joy to work with.

Is there anything you hope audiences take away from the play?

I hope audiences find the play moving and hopeful.

A Word for Mother is at Upstairs at the Gatehouse until 26 May 2024