Paul F Taylor on touring Head in the Clouds

Growing up, Paul F Taylor was often accused of having his head in the clouds – recently he’s discovered the reason why. Taylor, who has appeared on Harry Hill’s Nite Club (Channel 4) and the award winning BBC Radio sketch show Please Use Other Door, is touring his new show Head in the Clouds about the revelation, beginning next week with dates Southend and at London’s Soho Theatre before heading off around the country. Ahead of the tour, we caught up with Taylor to find out more about the show.

Q&A with Paul F Taylor

What’s it like to be taking your show Head in the Clouds on tour?

I’m excited. I’m proud of the show, and I want people to see it. The thought of all the driving fills me with dread though.

What can you tell us about the inspiration for the show?

The central idea of the show occurred to me when I realised that as an ADHD sufferer I was jealous of cartoon characters like Garfield for having very few thought bubbles in their comic strips. I imagined how many thought bubbles I would have if I was in cartoon form and the show was born. I’ve always had a very hyperactive brain, and this show is my attempt to communicate that to people in a clear, inventive and original way.

Has it been a cathartic experience to address your ADHD diagnosis in the show?

Yes, it has really surprised and touched me how many ADHD sufferers who had seen the show tracked me down to tell me how much it connected with them. The narrative is ultimately positive and celebrates what makes me the way I am and the benefits it can bring to your life. Which has given me more licence to forgive myself for all the negative aspects of being the way I am.

Is there anything you hope audiences take away from the show?

As someone with ADHD, I’d love for them to have more of an understanding of the condition as I see it. But as a comedian, I just hope they found it really funny.

Paul F Taylor’s Head in the Clouds is on tour from 3 May, beginning in Southend