Preview: Thursday at Glastonbury Festival 2023

Photo: Andrew Allcock

Things are starting to kick into life on Worthy Farm, with the fireworks at 11pm last night acting as a signal that we’re here and we’re ready to get stuck in – if you weren’t already stuck in already.

Though Wednesday had some acts across the Theatre and Circus fields, Thursday is when the true variety of the fields begins to show with most tents running acts and events from today and only a few waiting until tomorrow to begin their scheduling.

So, get your suncream on and get out of that tent – the festival is calling, Here’s some of our picks for today:

Lekiddo – Lord of the Lobsters in the Gateway

Lekiddo is something of Glastonbury institution in his own right, with his famous “pinchy pinchy kiss kiss dance” entralling festival-goers so much that a pilgrimage to one of his sets is something of a right of passage. With performances across three stages at this year’s festival you have plenty of opportunities to see him but Thursday feels like the perfect opportunity to a bit of early Glastonbury spirit.

Lekiddo – Lord of the Lobsters in the Gateway at 2pm.

Read our interview with him here.

Circus Funtasia in the Circus Big Top

Circus Funtasia is a contemporary take on the traditional circus – and is entirely animal free. Perfect if you’re looking for something the entire family can enjoy before retiring for the evening.

Circus Funtasia are in the Circus Big Top at 5:32pm

Hot Brown Honey in the Circus Big Top

Steeped in the Word of The Mother and packing a punch of Hip Hop politics, Hot Brown Honey is an extraordinary production that spins tradition on its head, going above and beyond to challenge boundaries and embrace resilience. Equal parts theatrical masterpiece and social activism, a stellar posse of phenomenal World First Nations women smash stereotypes in an unapologetic celebration of our similarities and differences. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a late night alternative to the festival’s South East corner.

Hot Brown Honey are in the Circus Big Top at 11:30pm.

Logy on Fire in the Glebe

Looking for something a little different? Logy is a Belfast based bearded multi manipulator and performer who has been active since 2001. He has performed in many countries’s all over the world as a successful Street and Stage performer with both comedy and circus and this year at Glastonbury he performs his fire breathing hit Logy on Fire.

Logy on Fire in the Glebe at 1:10pm

Victoria Gugenheim in Glebeland

What about something that you probably haven’t seen before? Victoria Gugenheim is a world award winning bodypainter, world ranking MUA, fine artist, activist, educator and sciartist. What can you expect from her show? Well, we’re not really sure but we can guarantee it’ll be interesting – see you there!