RJ Hunter on their Stupid Sexy Poem Show

RJ Hunter is an Edinburgh-based writer, theatre-maker and performance poet. Their work explores queer experience and silliness, highlighting the joy and freedom that comes with both of those things. Jo’s debut poetry pamphlet, ‘Flustercuck’, was released in June 2023. Roundhouse Poetry Slam Finalist & Loud Poets Slam Champion 2023.

Their new show is a poetry show – but not as you know it. RJ Hunter takes you on a stupid, sexy, poetic journey through their life as a trans, queer word-jester. Discussing transness, masculinity, femininity, relationships to others and herself and the beauty of the utterly stupid and pointless, Hunter is ready to give you a big fat smattering of their signature stupid, sexy poem style in this spoken-word-comedy-cabaret!

We caught up with Hunter to find out more.

Q&A with RJ Hunter

What can you tell us about RJ Hunter: Stupid Sexy Poem Show?

Stupid Sexy Poem Show is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a poetry show, but not as you know them!! A big queer romp through identity, relationships and the stupidly sexy, and maybe even a wee heartfelt moment, if you’re lucky x

What was the inspiration for the show?

I went through quite a rough time at the end of last year and it made me question whether or not I wanted to keep performing, but at the end of the day I realised ‘For every negative response I get for being a trans spoken-word artist, there’s probably about five trans people that see my work and feel represented and inspired’ so I made a whole show about embracing your stupid and your different and celebrate it!

Is it daunting to be performing something so personal on stage?

Incredibly! I realise I’ve created a persona that I perform as when I’m on stage and this show involves peeking behind the curtain a little bit, which I find a bit terrifying honestly. But I think it’s important that I show my experience as a trans person and how it affects my practice, even if it makes my bum tense a bit.

What’s it like to be performing the show at A Pinch of VAULT?

Performing my show at APOV is nothing short of a dream, I’ve been such a fan of the company and festival for years and it’s been a bucket list item since I started creating my work. And to be performing at such a gorgeous queer venue like The Glitch, I couldn’t feel happier or luckier.

What can we expect from you next?

I’ve got a lot planned for SSPS, she’s going to Glasgow Comedy Festival and currently working out the logistics for an Edinburgh Fringe run! But apart from that, I’m working on my second collection, a new show and maybe even some music!

RJ Hunter: Stupid Sexy Poem Show is at The Spacement at The Glitch on 22 and 23 February