Rob Deering on bringing the fun to ALSO Festival

Warwickshire’s ALSO Festival is a unique combination of ideas, music and comedy set alongside food, nature and wellness, offering attendees the opportunity to take in ideas from thinkers like The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read author Philippa Perry, have a laugh with comedians like Rob Deering and Sara Pascoe and boogie into the little hours. Alongside it you can invest in your wellbeing with saunas, wild swimming, yoga and gong baths or indulge in a meal at an oyster bar or with a menu by a River Cottage chef.

Ahead of this year’s festival, which kicks off next week on Friday 12 July, we caught up with Rob Deering, whose blend of comedy and music has won him fans around the country. You could possibly argue that he’s one of the festival’s thinkers too, having won celebrity editions of Mastermind and The Weakest Link. He opens ALSO’s comedy programme with an edition of Beat This, his live music-based comedy pop quiz, on the Friday evening.

Q&A with Rob Deering

What does it feel like to be performing at this year’s ALSO Festival?

I’m excited! It’s a great line-up in a beautiful location, and I’m doing my classic festival double of a solo comedy set AND a round of my live music-based comedy pop quiz Beat This; weekends don’t come better as far as I’m concerned.

How does performing at a festival differ from a ‘normal’ show?

On the one hand, there’s that magic of everyone being away together, everything’s sparkly, exciting and not quite real; on the other hand – particularly with contemporary festivals like ALSO – audiences are discerning and decisive – it always feels like people have come to things intentionally rather than just… wandering along. Wanderers will also be welcome at my shows, of course.

ALSO Festival in 2022

What can you tell us about your plans for the show?

For my solo bit, I’ll be imagining I’m at Woodstock, loading my set up with big exciting musical numbers and generally enjoying a festival stage. For Beat This, I’ll throw together some great acts, some more music and a much-involved audience and see what happens; it’s always great fun.

What makes a good festival crowd?

Sunshine and cider? There’s just an unexamined like-mindedness that really brings a festival like ALSO together, and makes everyone feel like they’re in on a big fun secret.

Will you be checking out any of the other acts or taking in any of the festival’s other offerings?

Absolutely; it’s a cracking bill. I’ll even be pressganging some of them into doing my quiz.

Do you have any festival tales you can share with us?

More of a truism than a tale, but over the years I’ve noticed something fun, particularly when it rains: comedians are no good at putting up tents.

Rob Deering performs at ALSO Festival in Warwickshire, running from 12 to 14 July

Details of other upcoming gigs can be found at or – you can enjoy his show Long Distance Man in the comfort of your own home from