Amy Annette on Circle of Shame

Amy Annette is an up-and-coming comedian who is known for her ‘joyous energy [that] is so infectious, she has the audience hung on her every word.” (Best of The Fest Producer). She has supported Lou Sanders, Brett Goldstein and Rose Matafeo. With Tessa Coates, she hosts the cult hit comedy night ‘DOG PARK’ at Angel Comedy. She is also the host of ‘PLAYDATE’, an improv show that has featured comedians such as Lolly Adefope and Aisling Bea.

She is the author of ‘I Call Myself a Feminist’ and the host of hit comedy podcast ‘What Women*Want with Amy Annette’ as well as being featured on C4’s THE PADDOCK. In 2023 Annette won the ‘Industry Award’ at Funny Women.

She returns with a new show about the early 2000s, Circle of Shame, and took some time out of preparations to tell us more.

Q&A with Amy Annette

What can you tell us about your show Circle of Shame?

Circle of Shame is a show about the ballet flats and bad ideas that shaped the early 2000’s and explores how much we’ve really moved on. We’re heading into a Y2K.20 moment and I want people to be prepared!

What was it that inspired you to look at the 2000s in this way?

I was a teenager then and I was shaped by the ladette culture that turned into the body shaming celebrity culture as the decade went on. I also see that ballet flats are back and I am on a mission to save Gen Z’s arches. Recently Tiktok had to clamp down on the #LeggingsLegs – a much less snappily named modern reboot of the ‘Thigh Gap’ – we’re sliding backwards and I’m ready to share how I made it through the Noughties in case it helps anyone else.

The 80s and 90s have recently had moments in the spotlight – how long will it be before the noughties become cool again?

We’re already here! Y2k is a look and I’ve even started to see those slouchy Peter Pan boots come back. When we see the big loop belts that don’t hold anything up we’ll know we’re back. I recently read that people turn to the past in times of economic downturn… I guess visible thongs are a sign of recession?

How do you think audiences will react to the show?

I pray for laughter- I will accept nostalgic feelings – I will tolerate people coming away with people learning some ‘fun’ facts to share with others and forgetting where they learned them.

What are your plans for after these shows?

Edinburger baby! I am taking the show to the Pleasance and will be excited to see how the Vaults audience shape the shows.

Amy Annette: Circle of Shame is at The Spacement at the Glitch on 2 March and 4 March 2024