Amy Webber on No Previous Experience

Amy is an award winning comedian as heard on BBC Radio 4. Armed with her mini keyboard and an opera degree that’s never been useful, she’s on the hunt for a new job.
You may pity her, you may love her but you will definitely want to employ her.

Winner of ‘Best Comedy’ at Manchester Fringe (2023), winner of ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the Musical Comedy Awards (2020), shortlisted for ‘Best Newcomer’ at Brighton Fringe (2023) and featured on the Telegraph’s ’35 of the funniest shows at the Fringe’ list (2023). Amy has been recognised for being “joyful” (Telegraph) and “a clear hit” (Chortle) and 2023 saw her sell out her first Edinburgh Fringe run.

Webber spoke with us about a show that you can expect to include banging pop songs, live networking and a world-class singing voice.

Q&A with Amy Webber

What can you tell us about your show, Amy Webber: No Previous Experience?

My show is born out of the real grind of looking for freelance work as a musician and performer. Its silly but honest and I showcase some jobs I “could do” as well as telling tales of jobs tried and failed including being head teacher at my Beanie Baby school aged 14 and being a retired opera singer. It features banging pop songs, live networking, some audience participation and a few moments to show my opera pipes. 

What was it that inspired you to take on career woes in this way?

The show was born out of lockdown when Rishi suggested people in the arts should ‘retrain’. I wanted to reject this idea that the arts weren’t valuable or viable and was determined to make a living from music and performing once life was ‘back to normal’. So I made musical version of my CV to showcase the skills I had. Some of them are a joke because they are really niche and pretty useless but some of them are of course transferable and the CV seemed to resonate with people. Its gone from there really. 

Is this the first-ever comedy show to combine pop songs, operatic vocals and live networking?

This could be the first ever show to combine pop songs, operatic vocals and live networking….  in fact, right here, right now, I’m going to say that IT IS!

What’s it like to be performing the show at A Pinch of VAULT?

I love performing at Vault because as well as a friendly team, it has a lovely following. The audiences I’ve met when I’ve performed before at The Glitch have been really up for it and the coffee there is fantastic. Its just an all round supportive, feel good festival. 

What are your plans beyond the festival?

Beyond A Pinch of Vault, I’ve got lots booked in; Brighton Fringe, Manchester Fringe, Blackpool Comedy Festival, Frome Festival and finally Edinburgh Festival for my second ever full fun. I think I’m going to need a holiday in September…. a UK holiday in a cottage in a quiet coastal town is my jam!

Amy Webber: No Previous Experience is at The Spacement at The Glitch on Sunday 3 March 2024