Artie Godden on Fairytale on Church Street: ‘Why don’t you come find out for yourself?’

Artie Godden. Photo: Chris Lince

Fairytale on Church Street is The Cockpit’s first homegrown, full-length family show for 35 years. The original story by Kathryn Gardner, who co-directs with producer Dave Wybrow, features a cast of characters that will be familiar to everyone.

Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Robin Hood, The Big Bad Wolf and Mother Hood all feature in this festival tale with a twist that plays out at the Marylebone based theatre this month.

Artie Godden plays Robin Hood and we caught up with him as the cast prepared for opening night to find out more about the production.

Q&A with Artie Godden

What can you tell us about Fairytale on Church Street?

Fairytale On Church Street will be a thrilling and fresh new take on a Christmas show, combining live music, stories relevant to people living in London and familiar fairytale characters.

You’re taking on the role of Robin Hood – what is it like to play a character as beloved as Robin Hood?

It’s a pretty huge deal! Everyone has an idea of who this age-old archer is, so there are big shoes to fill. Fortunately, I have big feet (size 12). Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy shoes.

How have you approached the role?

Lots of press-ups, archery practice and horse-riding…OK, in honesty: watching Robin Hood films, playing my guitar and people-watching out the window on the bus. I usually work “outside-in” – how does this character move, react, brush their teeth etc? Finding these qualities allows me to engage my imagination and use my body as an instrument.

What’s it like to be playing the show in The Cockpit?

Really, really cool! The Cockpit is a completely unique space, with a wonderfully open and generous team of people to work with. Performing in the round (the space has the audience on all sides) is a challenge for an actor, but a privilege. It makes a warm change from street performing outside, by the London Eye. To see what that looks like, visit my Instagram.

What can people expect from the show?

Why don’t you come find out for yourself? We’ll be playing all through December and I can guarantee you’ll have a fun time!

Fairytale on Church Street is at The Cockpit from 8 December to 30 December