Interview: Amy Revelle on The Time Machine, ‘This show is a crazy masterpiece’

Currently touring nationally, The Time Machine sees Dave Hearn from BBC’s The Goes Wrong Show (and founding member of the Olivier Award-winning Mischief Theatre), Michael Dylan (The Stage Award 2022 for Wilf) and Amy Revelle (Offside) on a roller coaster journey through time in this, sort-of, adaptation of H.G. Well’s famous novel.
Already on the road, we spoke with Revelle to hear more about this show-within-a-show.

Q&A with Amy Revelle

Hi Amy, thanks for talking with us!

Hi Jim, thanks for having me!

Tell us a little bit about your background – how did you get into acting?

I started acting at nine at my favourite theatre in London, The Young Vic. They have a great young company and I was auditioning and performing there quite a bit. I then went on to act in a few other productions at the Oval House Theatre and Southwark Playhouse before setting up my own small theatre company where I wrote, directed and produced some of my own productions.

Then I went on to do a few other bits in the industry, including studying make-up for film, TV and theatre and then went on to drama school at thirty!

What can you tell us about The Time Machine?

Well, our play is a story about three actors who are putting on their own production of The Time Machine … BUT… things happen along the way and we take you on that journey with us. There are dances, songs, jokes, disco balls, whacky costumes, fun characters AND a couple of heartwarming moments – it’s just an experience not to be missed.

How have you approached your role in the play?

The character is basically a bit of me with a sprinkling of brilliant madness thrown in so I’ve just explored what that means with the director.  We have also had one of the writers in the room with us during rehearsals so it’s been a few weeks of playing around and finding out who ‘Amy’ is!

Orla O’Loughlin, the director has been incredible to work with. She allows you to play, mess around, explore and then BANG, the character is there!

How does it feel to be taking the play on tour?

It’s a joy! The cast and crew are utterly incredible and I am SO glad to be a part of this show! This show is a crazy masterpiece and so I feel privileged to be able to tour it around the UK with the brilliant Michael Dylan and Dave Hearn.

As well as acting, you also co-wrote When Women Wee which toured Edinburgh and Soho Theatre, among other venues. How different is it to write and act in a play versus coming to something that someone else has written?

Both are exciting in their own ways but being able to just focus on the character(s) without having to also think about the writing is great. It is also lovely to work with a writer in the room because you can adapt the work as you go and you’re finding new juicy bits as you go along and play! I guess the flip side of that is actually locking the final piece down because you want to keep playing and changing bits but not having to be in charge of the writing aspect means you can focus on the role from an actor’s perspective and just go mad and have fun!

Finally, how would you describe The Time Machine to someone considering buying a ticket for the show?

Well, it must be said… it’s not H.G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’ book. Haha! It’s ‘The Time Machine … A Comedy!’ If you want a crazy, fun night at the theatre, come along and see how we adapt the fabulous book into our own masterpiece.  It’s fast, it’s adventurous, it’s whacky, it’s clever and it’s a great night out for all ages!

The Time Machine tour continues visiting Derby Theatre (7-11 March), York Theatre Royal (14-18 March), Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne (21-25 March), Malvern Theatres (28 March-1 April), Octagon Theatre Bolton (12-22 April) and Theatre Royal Bath (24-29 April).