Interview: Flash Bang Brass, ‘Bring your dancing shoes!’

Presented by Box 9 & their ground-breaking LED light show technology, Flash Bang Brass is fast becoming one of the UK’s best visually immersive groups and one of the UK’s leading LED Drums & Brass collectives.

Based in London and performing around the UK, Flash Bang Brass has played at festivals including Glastonbury as well as multiple television appearances & brand collaborations.

Flash Bang Brass perform covers and mashups of music ranging from drum’n’bass to 80s classics, with fully synchronised light shows and choreographed routines. With a line up of trumpets, trombones and sousaphone and a hoard of drums, this band gives you maximum energy from start to finish.

Ahead of a return to Glastonbury we caught up with Emma and Sam from the group to hear what it’s like to be back at Worthy Farm.

How does it feel to be performing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival?

Emma: We’re absolutely buzzing to be heading back to the farm! Glastonbury is such a special place & we feel so lucky to be able to play there. Glastonbury is the perfect opportunity for us to push the show to be even bigger & better than it was before. 

What can you tell us about Flash Bang Brass?

Emma: Flash Bang Brass is the UK’s leading LED drum & brass band. Using ground-breaking LED light show technology, we perform covers of all your favourite songs along with a fully synchronised light show. Similar to an American-style marching band, our line up consists of marching snares, bass drums, cymbals, trumpets, trombones and sousaphone. For the first time ever we’ll be adding an LED singer into the mix at Glastonbury!

What can festival-goers expect from your performances?

Sam: We’ll be playing covers of pop tunes from artists like Girls Aloud, Spice Girls & Beyonce with a bit of face-melting drum & bass sprinkled in for good measure. This show is fully choreographed so definitely bring your dancing shoes!

Emma: Every musician on stage has their own LED panel or ring attached to their instruments, as well as trippy LED face visors for frontline drummers. Expect dazzling and sometimes even hypnotising light shows running alongside a banging party playlist 

Do you approach a festival audience differently from other audiences, for example how you might approach a television performance?

Emma: Glastonbury is one of the few shows we do where the stage is big enough for us to do full on choreography & formations. But apart from that, pretty much the same! We try to bring the same high energy and party vibes to every show we do 

Will you be checking out any other acts across the weekend – who are you looking forward to seeing?

Emma: Elton John for sure! And hopefully that not so secret set from The Foo Fighters/Churnups.

Sam: Gotta be Guns & Roses! I’d also recommend checking out our friends Old Dirty Brasstards doing their B:Rave sets at Sensation Seekers.

Flash Bang Brass play The Astrolabe Theatre at Glastonbury Festival on Thursday 22 June, Friday 23 June and Saturday 24 June.