Interview: Jonny Awsum, ‘My show is a fusion of comedy and music – perfect for a festival!’

Jonny Awsum is an award-winning comedian who has charmed audiences all around the world with his high energy performance style and unique brand of musical comedy.

After building his reputation on the UK comedy circuit, where he is a regular headliner and closing act, Jonny shot to national fame on Britain’s Got Talent. His TV performances won standing ovations and unanimous praise from the judges and went viral on the internet, racking up over 50 million views on YouTube.

Fresh from his set at Download, we spoke with him as he geared up for Glastonbury. 

Q&A with Jonny Awsum

How does it feel to be heading to the famous Worthy Farm and performing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival?

It feels FANTASTIC, I played Glastonbury for the first time last year and enjoyed every single drop of it.  For me it’s THE festival and I cannot wait to return.

What can you tell us about your show?

My show is a fusion of comedy and music – perfect for a festival! Last year we laughed, sang and partied together in the Cabaret tent… at one point we even crowd surfed my nephew who was my plus one for the festival – he was turning 21 – what a gift huh?! 

How do you approach performing to a festival crowd?

There’s something kind of magical about a festival crowd, I feel like you can do more than at a regular gig by using the buzz of the festival.  Last year I sang a parody of Octopus’s Garden and I was pleased when the audience joined in singing “I’d like to be, at Glastonbury, in a Michael Eavis garden in the shade” . It was a lovely moment.

You’ve just played at Download Festival – what was that experience like?

Download was jumping.  I’d been in the car for hours and hours because of horrendous traffic so when I finally arrived and got on stage I was like the most coiled spring ever.  Luckily the audience were on the same page and we had an absolute riot.  A highlight for me was getting a guy dressed like Jesus to come up and play the triangle for me whilst I did a hip hop number – he was so funny and the audience loved him.

Are there any other acts you’re looking forward to checking out across the weekend at Glastonbury?

Oh my days, where to start! Guns N Roses obviously as I’ve always loved them but never seen them live, but also, some of my fave things last year were on smaller stages, so I will be delving deep into those – Beans on Toast and Will Varley are both on my list, oh and Chemical Bros at Arcadia, tbh I could just stand and stare at that spider all night long! It’s literally awesome. 

Jonny Awsum is at Glastonbury Festival 2023