Preview: Saturday at Glastonbury Festival

Try not to think about the fact you’re closer to the end than you are to the beginning, think about all the amazing things are still in store for you with two full days at the greatest festival on earth to go.

If you’re hungover, get yourself down to the Tiny Tea Tent to get yourself a caffeine hit. If you’re not hungover (good job on staying sober or staying hydrated) get yourself down to the Tiny Tea Tent anyway.

While you’re there planning your day, here’s a few options for your consideration.

Abandoman on the Sensation Seekers Stage

The Sensation Seekers Stage has some great options, none less than the Irish Hip-hop comedian Abandonman whose blend of audience interaction and razor-sharp improvisation will take you on a magical journey, transforming the audience’s likes, loathes and daydreams into hit songs and captivating tales. Sounds perfect for a festival doesn’t it?

Abandoman plays the Sensation Seekers Stage at 2:05pm (and tomorrow at the same time)

Visit the Atchin Tan

Get yourself over to Atchin Tan, the focal point for a Traveller Awareness Campaign, where there are living examples of Travellers’ moving homes – a horse-drawn wagon, Romany caravan, Traveller truck and more – as well as talks, music, storytelling and an information tent.

We were there on Thursday for a talk by Sindy Joyce and Thomas McCarthy. McCarthy performs in the sean nos style, and has a set there today at 5 pm. Other talks today focus on the Roma culture, the National Bargee Travellers Association and there’s a session where you can learn to play the tin whistle.

Rimski’s Yard’s Afternoon Variety

Fancy a surprise – Rimski’s Yard has holds their Saturday Afternoon Variety today at 4 pm. What will happen? We know as much as you! See you there?

Rimski’s Yard’s Afternoon Variety is in Rimski’s Yard’s at 4pm

Ramshacklicious’ Mr Burn –

Want to go wild? Ramshacklicious provide ‘anarchic thaetre of the unexpected’ and have been described as ‘truly, bixarrie excentric and totally wonderful.’ They’ve been playing their show Mr Burn at the Glebe and today is the last chance to catch the mayhem.

Ramshacklicious’ Mr Burn plays The Glebe at 9:15pm