Interview: Kane & Abel, ‘At Glastonbury we can do our most eccentric material’

Kane and Abel have been performing comedy stage magic and close-up magic since the age of just fifteen – meaning they have two decades of experience in entertaining crowds across the country.

They have become cult heroes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having received critical acclaim for shows Breaking The Magicians’ Code, SPLIT EGG, Twinpossible and The Two Magicians, and have  regular feature on luxury cruise ships and in theatres, pubs and clubs.

No strangers to Glastonbury, we caught up with them to find out what it’s like to be back at this year’s festival.

Q&A with Kane and Abel

Tell us a little bit about Kane and Abel

Abel: We are a twin brother magic and comedy act. We nicked the name from the first sons of Adam & Eve in the Bible because it sounds familiar to people and when we started we were doing lots of gruesome tricks.fg fgbgbf  gbf gb bn

Kane: I’m the cool one with all the talent that gets all the chicks. Although we’re twins we’re polar opposites.

Abel: By chicks Kane is obviously referring to our start in Shropshire performing largely for farm animals.

How does it feel to be playing this year’s Glastonbury Festival?
Abel: It is an absolute dream come true to perform at Glastonbury. The first year we performed we did it for a free ticket and just did some walkabout spots. Now we get to perform on a proper stage on a bill with other incredible variety acts.

Kane: Cool, very cool! We used to watch it on TV growing up so it’s amazing to be part of it!

What can people expect from your shows?

Abel: Magic and hilarity aside, I’ll be making at least three costume changes during our 20-minute set. That’s some serious bang for your buck if you like glitzy outfits.

Kane: Two silly boys doing awesome magic.

Will playing to a festival audience change how you approach the performances?

Abel: Not really. We started going to festivals as teenagers and I always thought it would be amazing if we could write a magic act that would work in the music festival environment. We did that and have been lucky enough to play lots of festivals over the years.

Kane: Yes 100% – told you we’re polar opposites! We work a lot on cruise ships where you have to be on your best behaviour. At Glastonbury, we can do our most eccentric material knowing the audiences will go with it!

Will you have an opportunity to explore the site and are there any other acts you’re looking forward to seeing?

Abel: The great thing about performing at Glastonbury is it leaves about 23 hours a day when you’re not performing. So, yes, we’ll see lots of other acts. Last year, Paul Currie made me laugh so much that I rubbed suncream in my eyes and I couldn’t see for about three hours. So it’s a risk going to see Paul but one I’ll probably take.

My must-see list includes Guns ’n’ Roses, Lizzo, Blondie, The Lathums, and Oh My God! It’s The Church from the music side of things. Variety-wise, I can’t wait to see Hot Brown Honey, Feeding The Fish, Jon Udry, The Visionary, and Billy Kid Show.

Kane: I’m looking forward to seeing Sparks to see what an act with two talented brothers is like.

Kane and Abel play The Glebe and Walkabouts on Friday, Satuday and Sunday of Glastonbury Festival