Josh Glanc on Hubba Hubba (based on a true story)

Josh Glanc, aka Spanish Fuk-boi, the co-host of the cult Edinburgh hit Stamptown Comedy night, has been labelled one of Australia’s “most exciting” comedians. His shows fuse character, stand-up and song in a unique an ‘antic brand of tomfoolery.’

He’s just finished up a sold-out run at London’s Soho Theatre which followed and equally sold-out run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, both for his show Collections. Now he’s back in writing mode, bringing his new work-in-progress show Hubba Hubba (based on a true story) to A Pinch of VAULT with this year’s Edinburgh Fringe again in his sights.

We got the low down on what he’s been up to and what Hubba Hubba might be…

Q&A with Josh Glanc

You’ve just finished a run of shows at Soho Theatre – what was that experience like?

Incredible, as it always is – it’s such an iconic comedy venue, audiences are primed and ready to go – which helps with my shows – and the theatre looks after you so well. It’s such a great place to perform comedy.

You’re now bringing your work-in-progress show Hubba Hubba to A Pinch of VAULT – what can you tell us about the true story it’s based on?

Its based on me – I’m the true story – I know that sounds vague, and mostly because I’m still working it out – but its about me trying to reconcile a lot of feelings about family and my career – but mostly its just really stupid fun

What can people expect from the show?

Expect the unexpected. Things just happen. One minute I’m doing a roll call of who’s in and the next minute I’ve got a gun to an audience member’s head. This show just kind of moves from one mode to another in a surreal and joyful way based pretty much on what is happening in the moment.

How much has Hubba Hubba been evolving through the performances so far?

Very much. Its a pretty ‘live’ show – in that, I basically decide what’s going to happen based on whats happening and being said in the room. Its pretty fun in that way, every show is pretty different.

What can we expect after these shows?

I’ve been touring since January and will continue touring until I get to Edinburgh so after August, I’m going to sleep and not waking up for 2 months! But also, my special Vrooom Vrooom is being released later this year and I’ve also recorded a special studio album to accompany it, so I’m very excited about that!

Josh Glanc: Hubba Hubba (based on a true story) plays The Spacement at The Glitch on 29 February and 1 March