Mattia Sedda on CHOIN

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Mattia Sedda is an actor and a clown with no awards won and one TV credit who is very proud of. A super highly trained actor, rejected by the norms of the British entertainment industry, will try his hardest to recreate the magic of the old theatre with his absurd craft. Is he going to succeed? Only one way to find out…

We caught up with Sedda to find out more about the show and where he’s off to next

Q&A with Mattia Sedda

What can you tell us about our Mattia Sedda: CHOIN?

CHOIN is a very stupid show that talks of a real dream of mine that I have had for over ten years and for which I put all the resources and energy I had. Which was, to be an actor. An International actor. Life showed how idiotic this dream of mine was and how little it matters at the end of the day. Which is the question of the show in my opinion: what does really matter?

What was the inspiration for the show?

The audience. Seeing where the laughter is. But also, from a place where, I came to the conclusion that looking for meaning and for this “American dream” does not lead to happiness, and it’s more beautiful and adventurous to be in the present.

The show is currently a work-in-progress – how has the development been so far?

It has been going well. London offers a lot of comedy nights, and it’s been amazing to have so much positive feedback as much as the occasional failures, and checking in with the director regularly. But I would say, I love the process and how the show is progressing and I hope it will be able to “bite” much more than it does now.

How do you think audiences will react to the show?

I hope they will have fun. If not, it means there’s a problem with the show!

What can we expect after A Pinch of VAULT – will we be seeing you at Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe?

Absolutely you will see me at the Brighton Fringe (25th-26th May at the Windmill, 2.30pm!), whilst I am still looking for a venue for the Edinburgh Fringe!

Mattia Sedda: CHOIN is at The Spacement at The Glitch on 9 March