Sam Lake on touring his stand-up show Aspiring DILF

Photo: Corrine Cumming

Stand-up comedian, writer and presenter, Sam Lake has been on the road since early February on his Aspiting DILF tour. Directed by Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee Lauren Pattinson, the show was one of the best-reviewed at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and sees Lake combat this fragile masculinity by embarking on a mission to ensure he becomes what he believes to be the last respectable form of a man: The Daddy.

His hilarious take on what it means to be a man comes at a time when a rising number of toxic male celebrities pump out ‘anti-woke’ messages online. We caught up with Lake as he enters the final dates of his tour in Newcastle, Glasgow, Cambridge and London’s Soho Theatre to find out more about the show.

Q&A with Sam Lake

What’s it like to be on the road with your show Aspiring DILF on the road?

I should probably say it’s amazing that I get to do this after the success my show had in Edinburgh and that I’m so happy to take it other audiences. But really this whole tour has really been a ploy to pursue my true passion of staying at every premier inn in the UK and judging them by their tea and coffee making facilities.

What can you tell us about the show?

It’s a fun stand-up show about me trying to become a Daddy. Like Pedro Pascal or Hugh Jackman. Like a sexy father figure type. It’s the last respectable form of manhood in my opinion. you also get to know about my experiences with men, both in romantic and non-romantic relationships and how that’s affected me.

Photo: Corrine Cumming

How successful has your mission to become The Daddy been so far?

Oh a failure on all counts. But Daddy is a state of mind so through positive affirmations I think I’ll get there. I pray at my Stanley Tucci shrine every day.

Is your aim to become a non-toxic male role model yourself – and will you be the last of the breed?

I suppose so. But less a role-model and more an example of how to not care about perceived masculinity. A little message I’ve tried to communicate in the show is that women do often spend a lot of time trying to make men better people, for everyone’s benefit. And I think men should be trying to do that self improvement for ourselves too.

And how has the tour been so far?

Lovely. A joy. I do my show, meet the lovely audiences, then go back to the Premi-Inn and have a decaff mocha. It’s the dream.

Sam Lake tours ‘Aspiring DILF’ until 13 April 2024