Stage Preview: The Pavement at Glastonbury Festival 2023

One of the joys of The Pavement is that it is one of the first stages across the entire site that opens on Wednesday. It opens so early, that most people will still be setting up their tents as the first performer of the weekend steps on stage at 2pm.

You might find it’s one of your highlights, grabbing a spot on the grass of the weekend and soaking up the feeling of finally being onsite – tent pitched, boots on and ready for whatever the festival throws at you.

The early opening also allows music diehards a chance to taste something a little different before the main stages start their programmes on Friday. So, here are a few of our tips if you want to try something a little different.

Paul Currie

One of the things we’ve learnt from this year’s Glastonbury Festival, and we’re not even there yet, is how much other performers love Paul Currie. Practically every other act we speak to recommends Currie as an act not to miss. It’s a hard act to describe – Currie’s Twitter bio describes themself as; ‘Experimental Fusionist. Outsider Comedy Artist. Shaman Hallion. Avant Brut Clown. Absurdist Laughter Chef. Professional Dickhead. Chaos Witch.’ Make sense of that at your peril. But who needs labels? Especially when it’s as funny as Currie. This is the act you really should not miss.

Paul Currie plays Wednesday at 3:10pm and Thursday at 1:10pm. They also play the Sensation Seekers Stage and A Little Sensation

Logy on Fire

“One of the top cigar box performers in the UK and Ireland. His live act blends elements of comedy, vaudeville, parlor tricks and death-defying performance” so says Culture Northern Ireland about Belfast-based Logy on Fire. He’s a performer that takes risks and one that is filled with fire, including fire juggling.

Log on Fire plays Saturday at 5:15pm and Sunday at 1:45pm. He also plays The Glebe and A Little More Sensation

Harvey Juggling

Here’s one of the youngest talents onsite at this year’s festival. Harvey Juggling is a 14-year-old street performer who has quickly become an iconic figure in Covent Garden. He started performing at the age of six and has since grown to become a celebrated street performer. He has performed for countless audiences all around England, including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Harvey’s performances consist of juggling clubs, knives, and a variety of other props. He often incorporates comedy and rola bola into his shows, keeping the audience highly entertained and captivated. His talent and charisma have earned him several awards and recognition in the street performing community. Harvey is sure to be a future veteran of the festival.

Harvey Juggling plays on Friday and Saturday at 3:30pm and Sunday at 4:05pm

Her Majesty’s Secret Circus

Brent McCoy and Maya McCoy are the duo behind Her Majesty’s Secret Circus. They have been covertly traveling the globe with their unique brand of comic espionage since 2012. They’ve appeared in festivals, fairs, cruise ships, and theaters in more than a dozen countries. They’ve won People’s Choice Awards at premiere street theater festivals, appeared on NBC’s “The Gong Show”, where Mike Myers called them “a Class Act”, and charmed thousands of people with their original, character-driven performances. Providing something a little different, this could be your perfect intro to the theatre and circus fields.

Her Majesty’s Secret Circus play Friday at 4:40pm, Satuday at 4:05pm and Sunday at 1:10pm. They also perform outside the Circus Stage Friday to Sunday.


Music lovers may be interested in a fusion of music and theatre. Akira is an artist and DJ who uniquely and effortlessly combines the two skills. He is one of the most unique artists you are likely to see on the streets anywhere in the world, and in an entire lifetime – and he’s going to be performing at this year’s festival.

Akira plays on Thursday at 1:45pm, Friday at 1:10pm, Saturday at 4:40pm. He also performs on the Sensation Seekers Stage