Warren Ringham from Q the Music on The James Bond Concert Spectacular

Hosted by Miss Moneypenny herself, actress Caroline Bliss, Q the Music take their James Bond tribute concert, The James Bond Concert Spectacular, on tour from May to October this year bringing the music of the films to fans around the country. Directed by Warren Ringham, the show promises to be an adrenaline-fueled and stirring evening with detailed arrangements that stay faithful to the iconic spy film franchise.

Their show at London’s Indigo at the O2 show is also set to feature Maud Adams and Britt Ekland, who starred in The Man with the Golden Gun. The band has been involved in major official James Bond events including Sir Roger Moore’s official memorial event at Pinewood Studios in 2017 and the 50th-anniversary event for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, held at Piz Gloria in the Swiss Alps with George Lazenby who hailed the band’s performance, saying they ‘did John Barry proud.’

Ahead of kicking off the tour, we caught up with Ringham to find out more about the show.

Q&A with Warren Ringham

What can you tell us about The James Bond Concert Spectacular?

The James Bond Concert Spectacular is the name of the show performed by our band Q The Music. Q The Music started in 2004, originally as a James Bond cover band, but became so popular over the years with Bond fans, we started to get more and more demands to do public events. 10 years ago we started doing theatre shows, and then over the last 10 years the whole thing (show and band) has just gone stratospheric really. We’ve sold out in the West End, we’ve been lucky enough to perform at Sir Roger Moore’s memorial at Pinewood Studios, and in 2019 we performed at the 50th anniversary for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with George Lazenby in attendance! It’s been an incredible journey!

How does it feel to be taking the show on the road?

It’s amazing, as we love what we do. As Bond fans, to be out there meeting and engaging with fellow Bond fans is what it is all about. We thrive on giving Bond fans what we know they want…

The Writing’s on the Wall performed by Q the Music

How did you approach directing the show?

I’ve always come at it first and foremost as a Bond fan – what would I want to see as a Bond fan? What we’ve also always tried to do is cater to all levels of fandom – so if you are the long-suffering partner of a Bond geek (geek like me!) then you can enjoy the show whether or not you enjoy Bond films…but then we have so many easter eggs and really deep levels of detail, if you know Bond to that level, there is a lot to unpack. I think that is why James Bond fans have really bought into Q The Music and really understand what we are about: it’s a celebration and continuation of the love of Bond.

Were you already a Bond fan before coming on board?

And some! I’ve been a Bond fan all my life – so I set up the show to fuse two passions: music and Bond. At the time (in 2004) we were the only James Bond concert/band anywhere in the world, so being the pioneers in this area and showing the world there was a market for James Bond concerts (when we were told there wasn’t!) has been incredibly rewarding. Now there are Bond concerts everywhere!

Do you have a favourite moment from the show?

I think either Matt’s performance of Writings’ On The Wall (which always gets a huge reception) or Kerry’s Licence To Kill performance – both are just spine-tingling good!

Q the Music tour The James Bond Concert Spectacular from 12 May to 27 October 2024