Yiannis Cove on Everyone’s a Critic

Get ready for a wild ride through the world of movies like you’ve never experienced before with “Everyone’s a Critic,” the brainchild of comedian Yiannis Cove. Picture this: a podcast where Yiannis and his guests give the finger to traditional film criticism and dig into those flicks that got a raw deal on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, Cove is venturing into live podcast recording with a show as part of this year’s A Pinch of VAULT. What will it be like and will it change his approach? Cove gave us the low down on his plans for the live recording.

Q&A with Yiannis Cove

What is Everyone’s a Critic and how did it come about?

Everyone’s a Critic is a podcast where people pick a badly reviewed movie that they love and defend it to me. It came about in the pandemic when I was stuck in my flat with nothing to do and wanted a creative outlet. I combined my film degree and comedy knowledge and started reaching out to people online. It was a great time to start in the sense that everyone was stuck at home and so it was always very easy to get guests.

What can people expect from the show?

Most of the time it will be a comedian guesting on the podcast, as that is the world I’m involved in. There are things to expect such as me usually being convinced by them that it is in fact a good movie after all, as it doesn’t take much to sway me. Sometimes though, a movie is truly atrocious and has no redeeming qualities (The Last Airbender) and I stand by the extremely low Rotten Tomatoes score.

How different will the live podcast be compared to the usual format?

As it’s live I’m planning on showing a few clips from Epic Movie and incorporating them into the show itself. We will also be able to play a game of Higher or Lower movie ratings with my guest Lorna Rose Treen versus the audience.

What’s been your favourite episode to date?

I genuinely love every episode as I’m such a nerd when it comes to bad movies and comedy. Having said that if I truly had to pick, early on in the run I had Olga Koch on defending A Cinderella Story. I had a history with the movie, and we had such a fun time talking about it. We’d never met at the time but instantly clicked over our love of 00s teen movies. She then reached out to me not long after with an idea for a TV show, which we then wrote together and got optioned. That it started from a podcast episode means I have to choose that.

What’s next for the podcast, beyond A Pinch of VAULT?

I’ve been recording more episodes recently, and now also film them all in a podcast studio, instead of audio only across Zoom! There are some very big guests slated to appear that I can’t reveal just yet, but it blows my mind how far this has come from when I started it 4 years ago.

Everyone’s a Critic’s live recording is at The Spacement at the Glitch on 2 March