Interview: Ant Henderson from Mellowmatic talks Glastonbury, ‘Unbelievably exciting!!!’

Mellowmatic are a 7-piece collective, formed by musical director Ant Henderson (MD of Jurassic 5’s Soup’s Fullee Love Collective), producer and drummer Marcus Fisher and UK rapper AJ Mayhew aka AGGA.

The band is fronted by rapper AGGA and female vocalist Nina Jade, supported by keys, synths, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums – delivering smooth chords, tasty grooves and brassy breaks. Mellowmatic bring a live set that takes their audience on an eclectic musical journey from the Boom-bap 90’s to present day.

We caught up with Henderson as the band geared up for this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Q&A with Ant Henderson

What can you tell us about Mellowmatic? 

Mellowmatic are a super energetic 9 piece funk, hiphop, neo-soul band which was formed around 2 and a half years ago. The band is made up of professional musicians based in the South and Soutwest of england. 2023 is Mellowmatic’s 3rd summer festival season and each year the bands following has has grown, making every show more and more of a success! Festival season is prime time for us and we cannot wait to get started!

How does it feel to be heading back to Worthy Farm to perform at this year’s Glastonbury Festival?

In 2 words… “unbelievably exciting!!!”. Glastonbury festival marks the highest point of the year for us. We love it and hope to return every year! The people, the venues, the staff and the vast variety of talented performers make for an almost our of body experience for us!

What are your plans for this year’s shows?

This year, Mellowmatic are going to be performing with its biggest and loudest line up yet. We usually perform as a 7 or 8 piece band… Specially for Glasto, we have brought in an extra horn player for this years run of shows to perform as a 9 piece. Our songs sound like they are on steroids and the act is even more of a spectacle than usual. For those who have already seen us and plan to catch our set, they’re in for a treat. For those who are planning to see us at glasto for the first time, hold on to your hats and bring your ear plugs!

How different is it performing for a festival audience?

Festival audiences are the best! Everyone is always so loose and open to making the most of new experiences and finding new music,  without fear of judgement. without a doubt, our favorite kind of crowd!

Are there any other acts you’re looking forward to seeing across the weekend? 

  1. Ezra Collective, for the jazzy vibes
  2. Fat Boy Slim for the classics
  3. Jacob Collier for the nerdy muso brilliance
  4. Showhawk Duo because they are always brilliant
  5. Lizzo for the 2nd time at glasto, because she smashed it last time!
Mellowmatch are at Glastonbury Festival 2023