Interview: Blockbuster Factory’s Dave Lovatt on their bananas new show

Cat & Mouse Theatre specialises in comic, dynamic and interactive theatre for ‘green field’ arts festivals and corporate training. They push the boundaries of immersive performance, moving beyond entertainment to expand peoples’ imaginations, solve problems and bond groups. Blockbuster Factory is the new show from the company.

“At great expense, we have flown the great American Movie Director Martin Beilsperg to the UK, and teamed him up with legendary playwright Charles Bexley Heath. Together they are, as Martin says “Makin Movies Here!”.  Out on the street they recruit stars and crew for their latest Blockbuster,  with a little help from Phil the boom guy. Phil, unfortunately, has forgotten all the props, but did manage to bring a whole box of bananas; all kinds of movies from horror to comedy to war to thrillers are played out with every prop replaced by a Banana!”

We hear from Dave Lovatt from the company- a writer, director, performer and teacher with 20 years of experience. He has created shows for Shangri La at Glastonbury, directed three shows for The Invisible Circus and is Director of Tank Theatre Company, supporting the creativity of young people in Bristol aged 15-26 with a focus on those from BAME backgrounds.

How does it feel to be part of this year’s Glastonbury Festival?

Enormously excited to bring our hit show to fantastic audiences of Glasto, we’re gonna make some huge movies

You’re bringing Blockbuster Factory to the festival – what can you tell us about the show? 

Blockbuster Factory – stars the great American Movie Director Martin Beilsperg and the great English Actor Charles Bexley Heath; together with the help of Phil the AD, they are making Blockbuster Movies in this highly immersive walkabout or circle show. The public happily joins in as the stars and crew of Blockbuster movies starring Action Heroes, Sporting Heroes, Space battles, Superheroes, Dragons, Detectives, Submarines, and Train crashes etc. etc. etc. 

n.b. all film equipment, props and special fx are created with BANANAS.🍌

We never make the same movie twice!

What kind of opportunities do a festival audience present?

Our show is about making the audience feel like superstars, both cast and crew! A Glastonbury audience will be very receptive to the idea, I’m sure, and we hope to make movies with up to 150 people involved  

Finally, how would you describe the show in three words or less?

Surreal moviemaking madness

Blockbuster Factory is part of Walkabouts at Glastonbury Festival across the weekend.