Interview: Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson, ‘We’ll be taking sinful confessions from the congregation’

Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson is Alabama State Preaching Champion 2005 & 2010. Self-proclaimed Saviour and the leader of the new religious revolution, Oh My God, It’s The Church.

Alabama Jackson is described as “morally flexible”, cross his palm with silver and he’ll forgive just about anything and he’s brimming with dedication to bring some salvation to this nation. 

A lover of fancy shoes and obscure holy phrases such as “Look at my shoes! I put the Sole in Soul Music!” & “A Preacher’s gotta earn a dollar there’s a reason Jesus was a prophet not a deficit!”

We caught up with him as Oh My God, It’s The Church geared up to play this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Q&A with Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson

How does it feel to be bringing your service back to Worthy Farm for another year?

Well Howdy Understudy team! I am so excited to return to the world-famous Glastonbury festival I’ve been doing a little dance in my preacher pants ever since I got the call. We’ve been lucky enough to have played some of the greatest festivals in on Earth (and in heaven), but there is something truly special about Glastonbury – I cannot wait! 

What can you tell us about Oh My God! It’s The Church?

Oh My God! It’s The Church is a church of Rock’nRoll to save your filthy soul. We’ve dispensed with dusty dogma and durgy old hymns and in their place we deliver salacious sermons, Devilish Disco and Funk for your soul. Everybody is welcome in our church no matter your faith, creed or sexuality – we all come together to party our way to Paradise.   

What can your congregation expect from this year’s shows?

We’ll be performing some of our best-loved church anthems along with some raucous and rowdy renditions of our favourite hits through the ages. As always we’ll be taking sinful confessions from the congregation of all the naughty misdeeds they’ve got up to at the festival and trying our best to bring them forgiveness. And of course, I’ll be trying to keep my feral keys player Morgan the Organ under control. 

Does playing to a festival audience change how you approach the shows – besides the obvious increase in people who require salvation?

In some ways it is different performing to huge festival audiences compared to our more intimate touring Services. On tour most people have an idea of what they’re getting themselves into by coming to see us, we get to know the crowd well and have a lot of fun with them. When we’re playing to several thousand people in a field it’s more about bringing all those people together as one and delivering something spectacular that they’ve never seen before.

 Are there any other acts you, and the rest of the band, are looking forward to checking out across the weekend?

Guns & Roses! I’ve never managed to catch them live so the whole band are heading in to see them before our show on the Saturday night. I have hung out with Axl once though, but it’s a bit awkward he lost a bet and still owes me $20 – God hates those who don’t pay their dues brother!

My Reverend recommendation for your readers though is The Hives. We did some shows with them in Australia a few years back – Holy balls! They are in the top 5 bands that I’ve ever seen live – if you ain’t seen them before go check them out you won’t be disappointed – and that’s a Michael Alabama Jackson guarantee!

Oh My God, It’s the Church play Glastonbury 2023