Review: Balance, Circus Big Top, Glastonbury Festival 2023

It’s a packed-out tent for Balance’s performance in Glastonbury Festival’s Circus Big Top – the crowd pouring out into the field outside with people straining to see as much of this tremendous performance.

It’s not long before they are in raptures as Balance creates a human pyramid four people high. The lower level practically vibrates as they use every sinew to bear the weight above them. It is a mammoth physical feat and this is a real show. The danger in their act is encapsulated in one near mishap, really highlighting the feeling that what we’re watching is no easy act. There are a few beautiful moments amongst the show pieces – best exemplified by the rope aerobatics mid-show.

The last ten minutes feature literal balance in many forms as they seek to bring balance to our chakras through the act. The narrative to the piece is there, even if is light on detail – but really, a piece like this doesn’t really need a narrative. One more impressive understated element of the finale involves one member of Balance climbing a construction rung while balancing a peacock feather on his chin.

As they close with one final feat, the crowd come to their feet for a well-earned standing ovation.

Balance performed at the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival 2023