Joe Wicks review – Glastonbury Festival 2024

Joe Wicks at last year’s festival. Photo: Charles Gervais, Both Hemispheres Photography.

There’s a real mix of people at The Gateway on the Thursday morning of Glastonbury for a workout with Joe Wicks, most famous for his online workout sessions for kids during lockdown.

There are families with young children, who have likely had an early start. There are a few people who look like they may have crawled into their tents at the same time those families were crawling out, presumably having overindulged in the festival’s naughty corner. All ages and fitness levels are present.

Some have come bedecked in workout gear. Others, like me, are wearing non-traditional workout gear – I’m kitted out in Dr Martens, linen trousers and a patterned shirt and there’s plenty like me. But all of us are joining in.

‘This is epic,’ Wicks says as he starts the group warm-up before the full session. His relentless optimism is infectious as he works the crowd as well as any other Theatre & Circus performer you’ll see this week.

It’s an impressive sight to look out across Glebeland from The Gateway and see it filled with people giving up half an hour in the name of fitness as we run through a ‘greatest hits’ of workout moves – starjumps, high knees, running on the spot, lunges – all to a pumping soundtrack that, inevitably, includes Eye of the Tiger, with boxing moves to accompany it.

At the end, with plenty of sweaty faces, we all give ourselves a high five as Joe showers us with praise before most of the crowd darts off to the side of the stage for a selfie with ‘The Body Coach’ himself. And Joe is right – everyone does seem a bit happier after investing some time in ourselves.

Joe Wicks was on The Gateway at Glastonbury Festival 2024, running from 26 to 30 June

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