Maisie Adam review – Glastonbury Festival 2024

Glastonbury Festival’s Cabaret tent. Photo: Charles Gervais, Both Hemispheres Photography.

While Glastonbury melts in the Saturday heat, we seek out Maisie Adam in the Theatre and Circus’s Cabaret Tent. ‘Some of you might just be here for the shade,’ she says. She would be forgiven for that self-deprecating thought given the fragile nature of some in the crowd, but given the mass exodus post-set, she is clearly the draw.

Last year she performed to “nine people including [her] mate’s mum, Yvonne.” Now she feels like Dua Lipa – though the Pyramid headliner won’t get quite as many laughs. She is backed by ‘the soundtrack of Temple Run’ as Japanese drums can be heard from a nearby stage.

Adam runs through the perils of growing up and growing old. The coil, friends and family’s probing questions about when she might become pregnant now that she’s married, what it’s like when you suddenly realise your parents are old.

What makes her comedy so much fun is that it’s all relatable – down-to-earth Adam even managing to make a story about being part of a Michael McIntyre show feel like it could happen to you too. She may have once been a pointless answer on Pointless but with her star on the rise, it’s unlikely to happen again.

Maisie Adam performed at Glastonbury Festival 2024, running from 26 to 30 June

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