Review: Salsa Dance Class, Glasto Latino, Glastonbury Festival 2023

The gates have just opened at Worthy Farm for this year’s Glastonbury Festival and the infectious energy of the instructors in Dance Class – Salsa is provoking the crowd and getting the party started early, so early that many of the festival faithful are still queueing to get in or setting up their tents.

But that doesn’t matter to the impressive crowd that has gathered in one of the festival’s tents. The salsa dance class capturing the early enthusiasm of a Glastonbury crowd eager for the weekend’s activities to begin.

The crowd potentially finding themselves loosened in ways they might not have anticipated, or at least before they might have anticipated. It’s a surprise hit – as much a performance by the instructors as it is a class.

Drawing in a diverse range of ‘students’ – from millennials to middle-aged Dads. Some of the saucier dance moves bring ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, as well as the crowd’s own mildly suggestive attempts.

As the class draws to a close, the instructors lead the crowd in a chant as they re-cap some of the moves we’ve learnt – and as we chant and dance, it’s clear the party has begun on Worthy Farm.

Dance Classes in salsa and tango run across the weekend at Glastonbury Festival 2023