Review: Gecko, Poetry&Words, Glastonbury Festival 2023

Gecko provides the perfect warm-up for anyone’s Glastonbury, but particularly for anyone nursing the feeling of having overdone things the night before.

It feels like he’s aware of this too; he doesn’t demand too much from his audience – a little bit of gentle call and response in praise of today’s venue, the Poetry&Words stage.

Despite its focus on poetry and words, the stage is an appropriate location for his music; it’s full of perfectly formed lyrical constructs with lines that sound simple but scratch the surface and you’ll find everything you would find in poetry.

They’re full of humour too and he has a keen eye for a topic that will make a great song, for example, The Tamworth Two about two pigs, the perfectly named Butch and Sundance, who break free ahead of a visit to the abattoir and become outlaws. He perfectly combines that humour with more serious messages, enough that it doesn’t feel like he’s every soapboxing.

You can see the soothing balm of his music taking to work on a few sore heads.

Gecko is playing at Glastonbury Festival 2023