Review: George Egg’s ‘Set Menu’, The Astrolabe Theatre, Glastonbury Festival 2023

George Egg cooked up a storm at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, or more literally, a three course meal in the festival’s Astrolabe Theatre – all of it without using a kitchen or any traditional kitchen equipment. And this isn’t some gimmick where the meal is all cold items, everything is really cooked.

While it might be hot enough outside to cook an egg on one of the bonnets of a car in Joe Rush’s Carhenge installation, it’s slightly cooler inside the Astrolabe where Egg uses a wallpaper steamer to poach the egg for his eggs, kippers and sourdough croutons.

I now know how to toast sourdough croutons using a shovel and a Dewalt Air Gun, in case I’m ever stuck in my garage with a desire for a little crunch. There’s popcorn too, where the Dewalt shines again.

It’s part-cookery show, part-comedy, part-lecture. It’s not all funny, he tells us, ‘some of it is just interesting.’ It’s true – but he strikes a balance between entertaining and interesting.

It’s certainly a funny show, it’s not a laugh-out-loud comedy show but you do leave feeling entertained. And if you tried any of the food at the end (mea culpa – I didn’t this time) then you’ll also be left well-fed.

George Egg’s ‘Set Menu’ is playing at Glastonbury Festival 2023