Review: Lekiddo – Lord of the Lobsters, The Gateway, Glastonbury 2023

Lekiddo, who holds a kind of cult following at Glastonbury is performing what can only be described as an ‘indescribable’ set on The Gateway, with one of the biggest crowds the stage will see at the festival ready for him long before he appears on stage. They’re already armed with the props; lobster and claw balloons and various other lobster-themed items.

Audience participation is key to Lekiddo’s sets, and almost everyone in the crowd already knows what is expected of them before Lekiddo directs them to their stations. Without audience participation on this level the premise just wouldn’t work.

It doesn’t feel unfair to say that Lekiddo’s set is more about the fun of it than the quality of his vocals or dance moves, all of which are based on a few simple moves that are easy for the audience to follow and replicate.

‘Show me your claws’ he shouts to raptures. Full disclosure; it’s not for me, but that’s the beauty of Glastonbury – there’s something for everyone and judging by the crowd Lekiddo is for them.

Lekiddo – Lord of the Lobsters is at Glastonbury Festival 2023