Review: Soho Boy, Drayton Arms Theatre ★★★★☆

By Jordan Hayter

Owen Dennis bares all in Soho Boy at the Drayton Arms Theatre.

This 50-minute one-man musical is a rollercoaster of emotions as Dennis leads us through the life of young and trendy Spencer. The production follows Spencer through his new life in Soho, from working in a clothes store to partying at the weekend and trying to live his dreams as a cabaret singer.

Owen Dennis. Photo: Nick Brittain Photography

For such a short and small production, Soho Boy pulls your heart out of your chest. The musical begins with classic musical theatre vibes, but as the story progresses, we begin to see other genres such as a cabaret, ballads, and some kinky numbers. All the music in the show is easy to listen to, with songs that could easily fit into any musical theatre playlist. They are made even better by the gorgeous vocals from Dennis, who seems to effortlessly sing his way through the story for nearly an hour straight.

The story itself is a lot more complex than it seems. It begins upbeat and fresh, like Spencer but gradually becomes deeper and darker, and the audience can do nothing but watch his life spiral downwards. The show will make you laugh one second and rip your heart out the next. For a solo performance, the world is created very clearly, you can see the other characters even though they are not physically there.

Owen Dennis. Photo: Nick Brittain Photography

Owen Dennis is truly the heart and soul of Soho Boy and is truly one to watch in the future. His performance was astounding the entire time, and he truly leaves everything on stage, baring his heart, soul, and body to the audience.

The production is not just a silly, happy production of a young twink’s life in Soho, so be prepared for the heartbreak that this show is.

Soho Boy is at the Drayton Arms Theatre until 4 June.

Jordan Hayter is an upcoming journalist, specialising in theatre, from Dorset. You can find her on Twitter @ReporterJordan