Review: The Black Eagles, Circus Big Top, Glastonbury Festival 2023

The Black Eagles set provides an example of the astonishing feat of human capability – even when it seems impossible. Originally from Tanzania, they learned their acrobatic skills at the age of six on the streets of Dar-Es-Salaam.

With temperatures outside climbing towards 30 degrees, they may feel at home at Glastonbury Festival, and their firey limbo raises temperatures further in the Circus Big Top. The limbo is physically astounding as the company move to lower and lower positions, each seemingly impossible – with the added drama of the limbo pole being on fire.

There are increasingly complex (successful) attempts at jumping through the successions of hoops. The show increases the drama as their set unfolds, and there is a truly astounding moment when two members of the company balance on each other’s heads. There is a sense from the crowd that they can’t believe this is happening as they meet each successive feat with raptures.

All of this is played out to a musical soundtrack full of the spirit and joy of their performance. It’s notable that they smile for the entire performance – and we do too.

The Black Eagles are at Glastonbury Festival 2023