Glastonbury Festival 2024: Wednesday preview

Gates open at last year’s festival. Photo: Anna Barclay

Gates are open. You’re through them. You’re on site. Your wristband is on. Your tent is up. You’re unpacked. Now what?

With the music main stages like the Pyramid and Other Stage not opening until Friday, Wednesday is the perfect day for a wander around the site. If you’re new, you can establish your bearing and wonder at the size of festival site. Yea, you knew it looked big on the map, but this big??

Better yet, if you’re a Glastonbury veteran, you can also take a bimble, spotting the changes from last year. Goodbye Arcadia spider, hello dragonfly.

Glastonbury Festival’s Outside Circus Stage. Photo: Charles Gervais, Both Hemispheres Photography

It’s also the perfect day to take in the Theatre & Circus fields if you haven’t done so before or if you’re planning a music-heavy weekend. Opening ahead of other stages, you can catch a performance on the Pavement where shows begin at 2pm with Groovy Guy Collins.

You can swing by Crooner’s Corner and chill out with some tunes from Georgia d’Arcy Roden, Charlotte May, Mama Tokus and Gracie Barry Tait or catch a show in Glebeland or in the Circus Field. There’s music and talks at Atchin Tan – and you’ll find there checking out Thomas McCarthy at 3:30pm, and, of course, there’s the famous Glastonbury Walkabout acts to watch out for.

When you’ve managed all of that, you’ll be able to settle down and watch the evening fireworks from the hill or, for the first time, the festival’s drone show – best seen from the Pyramid Stage field, we’re told. It’s been designed by local company Celestial and features 576 drones

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