Review: Logy on Fire, A Little More Sensation, Glastonbury Festival 2023

Logy dominates the stage – in physically and style. His shock of dyed blue hair and impressive beard would make him stand out in any crowd, and he uses his physicality to great effect in his set.

Towards the end of his performance, Logy asks us whether we think what he is about to do is ‘cool dangerous or stupid dangerous.’ The thing he is about to do involves climbing on top of a plank of wood which is balanced on a tube, which is in turn balanced on two wooden blocks, which is in turn balanced on a not-too-sturdy-looking plastic box. Once he’s up there he’s planning to juggle two different-shaped axes and a flaming torch.

So, I guess the answer is, probably both.

And that’s not lying; it genuinely does feels dangerous, and the audience collectively draws breath as he throws his juggling instruments into the air, holding it until they are all stationary again. And it feels even more dangerous on this smaller stage because when someone throws two axes and a flaming torch into the air you suddenly realise how close to the stage you are.

It’s truly impressive and Logy’s enthusiasm and almost child-like excitement at what he does is contagious.

Logy on Fire is at Glastonbury Festival 2023